NewsUkrainian forces shoot down a Russian drone. Extraordinary footage shared

Ukrainian forces shoot down a Russian drone. Extraordinary footage shared

"Extraordinary video of attack on Russian drone"
"Extraordinary video of attack on Russian drone"
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6:58 PM EST, November 24, 2023

Despite the lethal Iranian weaponry possessed by the Russians, the Ukrainian army is striving to repel the threat. As evidence of this, they have shared a sensational video of a Shahed-136 drone being shot down.

The Shahed-136 is Iranian-manufactured weaponry. This unmanned aircraft is among the most lethal of its kind globally, capable of obliterating targets approximately 1553 miles away.

Russia has received thousands of these drones from their Iranian allies. From the war's onset, they have been wreaking havoc on Ukrainian cities.

While many of the drones tragically succeed in striking targets, not every attack is fruitful. This is demonstrated by the video circulated on social media.

What does the footage reveal? The video captures the scene of a Ukrainian mobile anti-aircraft gun crew successfully hitting an incoming drone.

The shot drone spectacularly bursts into flames and drops to the ground shortly after. It's highly plausible that someone's property, or even their health and life, were saved through this act.

Ukrainians Apprehensive About Iranian Drones; Tehran Developing New Weapon

Drones are at the forefront of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In the conflict's initial months, the Ukrainian army used Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles to push back enemy forces around Kyiv.

The Russian Army is now deploying the aforementioned Shahed-136 against Ukraine. Ukrainian military officials express concerns that Russia will soon possess Shahed-136's upgrade, Shahed-238.

This successor drone will be more accurate and effective. However, it's unclear when it will be ready to enter the battlefront on the side of the Russians.

Meanwhile, the Turkish defense industry is reportedly starting the production of the Bayraktar TB3. It's presumed to be the most sophisticated and superior drone of its kind worldwide. There's a high chance that it will become part of the Ukrainian army's arsenal.

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