NewsUkrainian forces in perilous state: Russian advancement on five fronts and seizure of Avdiivka

Ukrainian forces in perilous state: Russian advancement on five fronts and seizure of Avdiivka

Bad news for Ukraine. "This is the most dangerous situation since the beginning of the war."
Bad news for Ukraine. "This is the most dangerous situation since the beginning of the war."
Images source: © Getty Images | Anadolu
1:46 PM EST, February 19, 2024

US journalists relayed the worrying tidings. Their perspective suggests that Putin's army is concurrently advancing in five directions. This development marks the most difficult period since the onset of the conflict.

The Russian offensive has been delineated along five primary lines of attack: toward Avdiivka, Marinka, Robotyne, Kremenna, and Bakhmut.

Russian forces have amassed approximately 40,000 soldiers in the Mariupol area and around 110,000 in the Kupyansk and Lyman region. Russia is making attempts to reclaim territories that were freed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces during counter-offensives in 2022 and 2023.

The scenario unfolding in Ukraine is escalating to a dramatic point. I have issued an appeal for a decision to be enacted (...). As we are aware, Avdiivka has succumbed, the Russians are striking on multiple fronts and it might now be verging on too late - explains Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski.

Avdiivka falls into the clasp of Russia. Putin's forces seize the city

On Saturday around noon, reports claiming the Russians have gained control over the entirety of Avdiivka started appearing. The coke and chemicals factory was seized by Putin's forces, as confirmed by the DeepState, a channel dedicated to OSINT analysis.

The withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from Avdiivka was conducted as per a preconceived plan, accounting for various possible scenarios and potential shifts in operational conditions. Despite thorough preparation, in the final phase of the operation, some Ukrainian troops were captured - Gen. Oleksandr Tarnawski, the commander of the Tavrida group, stated.

Avdiivka is regarded as an entrance to the nearby Donetsk, the largest city occupied by Russia-backed separatists back in 2014, subsequently annexed by Moscow unlawfully. After protracted fierce combat, Avdiivka has been left almost utterly razed.

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