TechUkrainian forces disable Russian Kasta-2E2 radar using Polish Warmate drone: Exploring its use in the conflict

Ukrainian forces disable Russian Kasta-2E2 radar using Polish Warmate drone: Exploring its use in the conflict

Russian equipment targeting Warmate
Russian equipment targeting Warmate
Images source: © X, @front_ukrainian

1:37 PM EST, February 15, 2024

This freshly released footage isn't the first to highlight the Warmate. Previously, indications of this Polish weapon's high effectiveness have come to light. It has aided Ukrainians in neutralizing a significant amount of equipment and soldiers from Putin's army. Videos of successful Warmate assaults on Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft defense systems, Tor anti-aircraft systems, and buildings housing Russian forces have been distributed. On this occasion, the Ukrainians managed to take out a smaller but equally critical target.

The Kasta-2E2 is no longer active in the war. This medium-range observational radar has the capability to detect objects from up to 93 miles away and up to 4 miles in altitude. While it does possess mobility, it is not noted for this feature, and the Russians frequently use it at fixed radio-technical posts.

Warmate destroys Russian radar

As seen in the clip, the Ukrainians strategically targeted the radar antenna with Warmate and then completed the demolition during a secondary attack, using another drone to drop explosive loads.

The capabilities of the Polish Warmate

WB Electronics produces the Warmate. It is categorised as a loitering munition, but it's also frequently referred to as a kamikaze drone. Each unit of this kind weighs approximately 11.7 lbs, has a wingspan of 4.6 feet, and measures 3.6 feet in length.

Warmate's functionality is extensive. Depending on the type of warhead used, operators can execute either reconnaissance or combat missions using fragmentation or cumulative warheads (containing about 300 grams of TNT). Warmate also has swarm-operation capabilities. It can remain airborne for approximately 60 minutes and range up to 25 miles. Its operational speed is 50 mph, but it can reach an attack speed of up to 93 mph.

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