NewsUkrainian forces capture Russian 'turtle tank' after intense clash

Ukrainian forces capture Russian 'turtle tank' after intense clash

Ukrainians captured a Russian tank. This video says it all.
Ukrainians captured a Russian tank. This video says it all.
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5:54 PM EDT, June 18, 2024

A video has emerged on social media showing the capture of a Russian "turtle tank" by Ukrainian soldiers from the 22nd Separate Mechanized Brigade. The Russian T-62M tank comes to a halt after a few hits.

A video has surfaced online presenting Ukrainian soldiers who captured a Russian tank. The footage displays Ukrainian warriors from the 22nd Separate Mechanized Brigade capturing the Russian "turtle tank."

The Russian T-62M tank stops after a few hits, after which Ukrainian soldiers capture it, take the crew prisoner, and drive off with the tank.

The crew of the Russian tank lost their way and approached the brave Ukrainian soldiers' position at a distance of about 330 yards. The Ukrainian soldiers masterfully carried out the capture without any losses on their side - wrote an internet user in a comment.

What tank did the Ukrainians capture?

The T-62 tanks, designed in the 1960s, were a modernization of the T-54/55 series, featuring primarily reinforced armor improvements.

The T-62M/MW models are most commonly found in Ukraine and are part of the Russian deep modernization reserves from the 1980s. These variants were equipped with additional composite armor modules on the turret and hull, and the MW version was reinforced with Contact-1 reactive armor blocks.

Although these upgrades were effective 40 years ago, nowadays, these tanks are considered ineffective on the battlefield. They mainly serve as infantry support with high-explosive fragmentation shells.

Also, regarding offensive capabilities, the T-62 and T-62M tanks significantly lag behind not only NATO tanks but also later Soviet/Russian designs.

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