NewsUkrainian forces battle intense attacks in Kharkiv and Kupiansk

Ukrainian forces battle intense attacks in Kharkiv and Kupiansk

Gen. Syrski does not hide: The situation on the front line is difficult
Gen. Syrski does not hide: The situation on the front line is difficult
Images source: © Facebook, Ołeksandr Syrski

4:51 PM EDT, June 5, 2024

The situation remains challenging due to the high intensity of military actions, the widespread use of armored vehicles, and a significant number of guided bombs by the enemy, admitted Gen. Oleksandr Syrskyi, the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Army. Syrskyi visited soldiers on Wednesday fighting in the Kharkiv and Kupiansk areas.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Army posted on social media during his visit to the frontline, informing that the Kupiansk region is complex. The enemy is trying to break through the Ukrainian forces from two directions, causing fierce battles. The army's task is to stop and force the enemy into a defensive position. His task is to ensure this area has enough ammunition and reserves ready to fight, significantly strengthening the defense.

"The enemy continues to conduct offensive operations, concentrating their main efforts on the Kurakhiv, Pokrovske, Kupiansk, and Kharkiv directions. Furthermore, they are conducting active assaults in Vovchansk and on the outskirts of Chasiv Yar to seize and take control of these two locations," Syrskyi wrote.

The Commander-in-Chief also noted that the enemy is focusing their efforts towards Kharkiv and attempting to advance towards Hlyboke-Lypi. However, they are suffering significant losses and are not achieving success.

"In Vovchansk, our main task at this stage is to hold back the enemy, inflict maximum losses and gradually move forward to liberate our territories," the general noted.

Russians use armored vehicles and guided bombs

Gen. Syrskyi also emphasized that the enemy is conducting offensive actions in other sectors, trying to stretch the active front line, limit the mobility of Ukrainian forces, and prevent their redeployment to other areas.

"In general, the situation remains complicated due to the high intensity of hostilities and the wide use of armored vehicles and a significant number of guided aerial bombs by the enemy," Syrskyi highlighted.

Despite the complicated situation, Gen. Syrskyi is convinced that the Ukrainian Defense Forces can exploit the situation. He stressed that the soldiers are doing everything possible to achieve this.

Gen. Syrskyi also praised most commanders and staff for their practical work. According to him, the commanders of Ukrainian units are fully aware of the situation and skillfully utilize all kinds of weapons, especially drones.

"I sincerely thank every soldier, sergeant, officer and general for the joint implementation of operational plans, which allowed us to save the lives of thousands of civilians and save the territory of Ukraine from occupation!" summarized the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Army.
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