SportsUkrainian fencing sensation, Fiodor Epifanow, tragically dies defending his homeland against Russian invasion

Ukrainian fencing sensation, Fiodor Epifanow, tragically dies defending his homeland against Russian invasion

Fiodor Epifanow has died.
Fiodor Epifanow has died.
Images source: © Facebook | Ukraińska Federacja Szermierki

4:44 PM EST, December 15, 2023

Though he was only nineteen years old when the war commenced, he instantly stepped forward to defend his homeland. Prior to the war, Fiodor Epifanow was a renowned figure in Ukrainian fencing, abruptly suspending his career to take the frontlines. His death was announced on Wednesday, December 13th.

"Terrifying and painful news has arrived from the frontline about the death of young Ukrainian fencer Fiodor Epifanow," the Ukrainian Fencing Federation expressed in a statement.
"He had his whole life ahead of him. Unfortunately, the Russian invaders initiated this cruel war. Such actions are unforgivable. The Ukrainian Fencing Federation sends its deepest condolences to Fiodor's family and friends," the Federation further remarked.

The media outlet conveyed that Epifanow was a recurring national competition winner. He was a part of Ukraine's national team, holding the title of a sports champion.

Originally hailing from Kyiv, the 19-year-old athlete pursued studies at the Ivan Poddubny Olympic School before the war.

Tragically, Epifanow is not an isolated case. In December alone, a minimum of two additional athletes perished. These victims include handball player Olexandr Perepelica and footballer Vitaliy Zaliznyak, as reported earlier by the Ukrainian media.

The tragic roster of fallen athletes is constantly growing. According to, officially there are now over four hundred Ukrainian athletes who have tragically lost their lives due to the conflict with the Russian forces.

Earlier this week, the world of Ukrainian sports faced another bitter blow with the accidental death of Danylo Demchyshyn. The world taekwondo champion drowned in a lake in Ivano-Frankivsk, a place he visited routinely for swimming.

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