TechUkrainian expert predicts long road to replace destroyed Russian landing ship Novocherkassk

Ukrainian expert predicts long road to replace destroyed Russian landing ship Novocherkassk

Attack on the ship Nowoczerkask
Attack on the ship Nowoczerkask
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7:42 AM EST, December 29, 2023

In a conversation with Espresso TV, Katkov pointed out that the cost of producing a new Project 775/II (NATO code: Ropucha) landing ship would surpass 300 million dollars. Katkov underlines that although Russians have the required resources to build this type of vessel, it is still a long-drawn process.

"Considering that this is already the third large landing ship destroyed by Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Black Sea and the Azov Sea, the subsequent two are expected to join the fleet not before 2035 - 2036. This timeframe is realistic to reintroduce the name Novocherkassk, which was eradicated in Theodosia, back into service", stated Oleg Katkov.

Katkov also stressed that Russians are currently building two similar ships. These ships are expected to join the Black Sea Fleet by 2025 - 2026, ridding the production areas for future use. Presently, the Russian Federation can construct landing crafts at the Yantar shipyard.

Russian's Ropucha was defenseless

It's important to note that the Novocherkassk ship of Project 775 was obliterated by Ukrainian military units on the eve of December 26th. The offense was most likely conducted with Storm Shadow missiles (or missiles) launched by Su-24 bombers. These missiles are known for their high accuracy and a range exceeding 310 miles. The Storm Shadow's elusive properties might have foiled its detection by Russian air defense systems.

The Project 775 landing ships (Ropucha) are crafts produced during the Cold War era. The loading zone of the demolished ship, Novocherkassk, measures approximately 6,458 square feet, accommodating around 20 vehicles or other cargo weighing up to 496 tons.

The Project 775 crafts can also ferry 150 marines. It hosts a crew of 87 people. The ship's displacement is 2.9 thousand tons when unloaded, measuring over 367 feet in length and 49 feet in width. Two diesel engines, together producing over 19 thousand HP, propel the Ropucha to a speed of 17.5 knots (roughly 20 mph). The armament comprises four universal 57 mm AK-725 cannons, two Strela-3 anti-aircraft missile launchers, and Grad-M 122 mm missile launchers.

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