NewsUkrainian drones take down another Putin's prized T-90M tank

Ukrainian drones take down another Putin's prized T‑90M tank

The destruction of a Russian T-90M tank, everything looked very spectacular.
The destruction of a Russian T-90M tank, everything looked very spectacular.
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3:07 PM EDT, May 17, 2024

Ukrainians have once again shown a video in which they destroy a gem from Vladimir Putin's arsenal. This time, one of the most modern Russian T-90M tanks went up in flames after a successful strike by a Ukrainian drone. This is another spectacular destruction of valuable Russian equipment on the Ukrainian front.

The war in Ukraine will soon have lasted for two and a half years, with no end in sight. During this time, both sides have showcased their capabilities and strengths. However, the Russians are not learning from their mistakes and continue to suffer losses in heavy equipment. Their tanks stand no chance against the much cheaper Ukrainian drones.

These drones on the front continue to demonstrate their surprising effectiveness. A few days ago, a video surfaced on the Internet showing how Ukrainians managed to destroy a speeding boat and eliminate enemy soldiers ready for an amphibious assault using a first-person view drone.

Now, the same fate has befallen one of the gems of the Russian war arsenal, the T-90M tank.

The pride of Putin's army went up in flames

It is no secret that the war in Ukraine has significantly reduced the armored arsenal of the Russian Federation. A perfect example of this is the introduction of tanks technically reminiscent of the times of Hitlerian Germany's invasion of the Stalin-ruled USSR to the front. This does not mean that new Russian armored weapons have not touched Ukrainian soil either.

One of the T-90M tanks got up close and personal with Ukrainian soil. It is one of the most modern versions of the T-90, a well-proven vehicle from the 1990s. Despite their relatively low-budget production at that time, they represented a true technological revolution, addressing the issues of the iconic T-72 vehicle.

Importantly, one tank from the T-90M family costs up to 4.5 million dollars.

However, even with these issues addressed, other problems were not avoided. The latest Ukrainian film shows the elimination of a T-90M tank from the battlefield. Similar to older versions, this one also exhibited a problem related to weapon storage, leading to a spectacular fire explosion inside the vehicle.

The drone struck precisely the vehicle's turret, which is its weak point. An explosion and a spectacular fire immediately followed. And that was all that remained of the pride of the Russian army on the front.

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