NewsUkrainian drones strike back. Harrowing footage reveals aftermath of targeted attacks in Russia

Ukrainian drones strike back. Harrowing footage reveals aftermath of targeted attacks in Russia

Ukrainians' attack in Belgorod
Ukrainians' attack in Belgorod
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7:06 AM EST, December 30, 2023, updated: 3:33 AM EST, December 31, 2023

Ukraine has reportedly launched numerous drone attacks on targets in Russia over the recent hours. This comes from the Suspline portal that cites sources from the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU). Over 70 drones of varying types were employed in an operation on Saturday (December 30th).

Believed targets are in provincial capitals like Tula, Bryansk, Belgorod, and Tver. There have also been accounts of audible explosions in Moscow.

Early videos showcasing Saturday's attack on Russian targets have surfaced online. In Belgorod, the explosions were witnessed in the city center. Terrifying video footage capturing the sounds of explosions, cries, and shattering glass is being shared by witnesses.

The governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, reported that while some Ukrainian drones were shot down on the night from Friday to Saturday, casualties occurred. One person was reported killed, and four were injured initially. The casualty figure has reportedly swelled, with Nexty now reporting four confirmed deaths. An air raid alert is currently in effect in Belgorod.

Further videos showing the Ukrainian assault on Belgorod continue to appear online. One particular footage features a driver navigating the city streets amid the chaos, with an explosion occurring just a few yards in front.

This offensive serves as Ukraine's response to a Russian attack that took place on Friday, December 29th. The Russian attack caused casualties in several Ukrainian provinces, leaving 39 dead and close to a hundred injuries. The attackers employed missiles and Kamikaze Shahed drones during the strike.

The Institute of War Studies predicts that the Russians will continue asserting substantial strikes on Ukraine to undermine Ukrainian morale and defensive capabilities against Russia. Such strikes must include military locations, critical infrastructure such as power plants, and civilian structures.

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