NewsUkrainian drones ignite fire in Russian oil depot. Casualties reported

Ukrainian drones ignite fire in Russian oil depot. Casualties reported

Oil depot on fire. Ukrainians struck on Russian territory.
Oil depot on fire. Ukrainians struck on Russian territory.
Images source: © East News | AA/ABACA

6:01 AM EDT, May 27, 2024

During the night, the Ukrainian army once again carried out a successful operation on the territory of the Russian Federation. Ukrainian drones struck an oil depot located in the town of Livny in the Oryol region, causing a fire to break out.

The governor of the region, Andrei Klychkov, reported on social media that this morning, during another massive attack on the Oryol region, an unmanned aerial vehicle crashed on the grounds of the oil depot in the city of Livny.

He added that part of the façade of the administrative building was damaged, among other things. When the emergency services arrived at the scene, another drone attacked.

Klychkov reported that during the second raid, a fire truck driver was killed, and three facility workers were injured.

Dozens of missiles. massive Ukrainian attack in Russia

It is the second consecutive day that Ukrainians are attacking targets on Russian territory. On Saturday, they again struck targets in the border region of Belgorod.

Three people were killed in the village of Oktyabrskoye, which was hit by rockets, and one person in the town of Dubovoye. Twelve people were injured.

Local defense forces destroyed 29 "Vampire" missiles and a "Neptune" rocket in the air. Among the places affected was the city of Shebekino, located right near the border, where several residential homes were damaged due to a Ukrainian rocket fire.

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