NewsUkrainian drone surge strikes Crimea and Russian heartland

Ukrainian drone surge strikes Crimea and Russian heartland

The largest attack since the start of the war. Massive losses.
The largest attack since the start of the war. Massive losses.
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12:36 PM EDT, June 21, 2024

"Russia and Crimea experienced the largest drone attack since the beginning of the war," reports "The Moscow Times." According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, on the night of June 20, the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched at least 120 drones, including six maritime drones, towards targets in Russia and Crimea.

The Russians claim that "all the drones were intercepted and shot down." The Krasnodar region faced the heaviest attack in Russia; 43 drones were shot down there, and eight people were injured. Another 70 drones attacked annexed Crimea.

Massive attack on Russia

"Ukrainian forces attacked four oil refineries in Russia at night: Afips, Ilsky, Krasnodar, and Astrakhan," the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced on Friday in a statement on Telegram.

"Radar stations and electronic intelligence centers of the Russian invaders in the Bryansk region and temporarily occupied Crimea were also attacked," the staff added.

The armed forces also reported that at least five explosions were registered, followed by a fire in the fuel depot in the Republic of Adygea. Damage was also confirmed in a similar depot in the Tambov region. At least one tank containing petroleum products was targeted there.

There were also reports of other Ukrainian operations in the last few hours. "Last evening, the Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully struck storage and preparation sites (drones) Shahed-136, as well as training facilities, control points, and communications of these unmanned aerial vehicles in the Krasnodar region," the staff reported.

Friendly fire on the front

During the massive attack, it turned out that the Russians shot down their own machine - a Ka-29 helicopter. "The Moscow Times" reports on the matter, citing Russian war correspondents.

The helicopter was shot down over Anapa. It was firing at a Ukrainian maritime drone but was shot down by the Russians shortly after. This appears to be related to a change in Ukrainian tactics - simultaneous attacks by maritime and aerial drones. The air defense likely mistook the helicopter for a drone. The entire four-person crew died.

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