NewsUkrainian drone strikes spark fresh fire at Russian ammo plant

Ukrainian drone strikes spark fresh fire at Russian ammo plant

A drone hit a gunpowder factory in Russia. Authorities: The situation is under control
A drone hit a gunpowder factory in Russia. Authorities: The situation is under control
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2:01 PM EDT, July 5, 2024

In Kotowsk, in the Tambov Oblast, about 310 miles from the border with Ukraine, there is one of the largest gunpowder factories in Russia for firearms and artillery ammunition. On Thursday morning, it was attacked once again by Ukrainian drones, according to Ukrainian military intelligence.

The gunpowder factory in Kotowsk has been operating for over a hundred years. More than 200 types of this product are produced there, including gunpowder for ammunition, hand grenades, artillery, and mortars.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, these plants have increased their production capacity by one-third. It is not surprising, then, that the factory has become a target for Ukrainian attacks.

The latest attack took place on Thursday at dawn. It was a special operation by Ukrainian intelligence, which, according to the Russians, sent two kamikaze drones there. "One of the kamikaze drones hit the gunpowder factory," a representative of the intelligence service told Ukrainska Pravda.

"The effects of the strike, the extent of the damage, and information on enemy losses are currently being assessed," he added.

Situation under control

Officially, Maksym Yegorov, the head of the Tambov Oblast, denies the information about a drone strike on the gunpowder factory. He stated that "both UAVs were destroyed. There are no casualties or damage. The situation is under control."

However, residents posted videos online showing the impact of one of the kamikaze drones, followed by an explosion and fire on the premises.

This was the fourth such attack since November 2023. On November 11th last year, a drone hit one of the factory buildings and caused a fire covering 3,230 square feet. A few days later, on November 15th, another drone fell on the roof of the workshops and partially damaged it. A fire broke out, which was quickly extinguished. At that time, there were no people in the workshop. Another attack took place on January 19th. However, the drone fell beside the plant building and did not cause any damage.

Earlier, in June 2023, there was an explosion at the factory that killed five people. The authorities of the Tambov Oblast reported that it occurred "due to human error" and assured that it was not an act of terrorism or sabotage.

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