NewsUkrainian Drone Strikes Gazprom Building in Belgorod, Injuring Two

Ukrainian Drone Strikes Gazprom Building in Belgorod, Injuring Two

Ukraine strikes at Gazprom
Ukraine strikes at Gazprom
Images source: © PAP | Jan Woitas
10:44 AM EDT, April 12, 2024
In Belgorod, Russia, a Ukrainian drone targeted a Gazprom corporate administrative building, resulting in injuries to two individuals. This incident was confirmed by Vyacheslav Gladkov, the governor of the Belgorod region, through a statement on Telegram.

According to Gladkov, Ukraine's armed forces used drones to assault Belograd, and two people were injured in the attack, which targeted the administrative facility of a company supplying raw materials.

"Belgorod fell under an assault from the Ukrainian armed forces utilizing a drone. The offensive targeted an administrative facility of a company that supplies raw materials. The explosion from this attack resulted in injuries to two people."

He further detailed the extent of injuries: one individual sustained a leg injury, while the other suffered injuries to both his hand and leg. Both have been admitted to a hospital for treatment.
Additionally, Gladkov noted that the facade of the Gazprom building incurred damage. Emergency services teams continue their efforts at the scene of the attack.
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