NewsUkrainian drone raid wreaks havoc at key Russian airbase

Ukrainian drone raid wreaks havoc at key Russian airbase

A satellite image showing damage at a Russian airport
A satellite image showing damage at a Russian airport
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7:06 AM EDT, June 11, 2024

The Ukrainian army carried out a spectacular attack on the Russian military airport in Akhtubinsk on Saturday (08/06). During the impressive drone raid, the Ukrainians destroyed a modern Su-57 fighter jet and significantly damaged the main airfield.

Ukrainian services reported that last Saturday (08/06), they carried out a massive attack on the military airport in Akhtubinsk within the territory of the Russian Federation. According to information provided by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (GUR), domestically produced drones were used in the operation.

The attack was extremely spectacular, and its consequences will undoubtedly impact the Russians. The Ukrainian armed forces destroyed the Su-57, an ultra-modern combat aircraft capable of operating on various platforms with reduced detectability by enemy radars.

Su-57s are sporadically used to fight against the Ukrainian army. The Russians wanted to conserve the aircraft that have been in use since 2020. However, the Ukrainian drone attack is likely to alter their plans for utilizing these advanced fighters.

Crater at the airport. Ukrainians destroyed military facility

The destruction of the Su-57 is not the only success of the Ukrainian army. As satellite images show, the bombing of the airport resulted in significant damage to its infrastructure. A small crater appeared on the military facility’s airfield.

It must be admitted that the Russians reacted swiftly to Ukraine’s attack, trying to conceal its effects. Anton Heraschenko reported in a post on X, "A small crater from the explosion and probably a tarp, which the Russians could have used to cover the damaged parts of the fighter, are visible. Another blast mark is visible at the back of the aircraft, next to what appears to be a small impact hole in the concrete."

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