NewsUkrainian drone captures mysterious object: UFO or high-tech drone?

Ukrainian drone captures mysterious object: UFO or high-tech drone?

Disturbing footage from a Ukrainian drone. Was it a UFO?
Disturbing footage from a Ukrainian drone. Was it a UFO?
Images source: © X | @ClashReport
4:26 PM EST, February 28, 2024

The appeal of UFOs, or unidentified flying objects, always sparks significant intrigue. While most seek logical explanations for these anomalies, a not-so-small faction believes UFO videos are proof of encounters with an extraterrestrial civilization.

Although extraterrestrial life remains unverified, some footage is indeed astonishing and even spine-chilling. Such content captures our imagination, regardless of our beliefs.

Additionally, a distinct group of individuals firmly believes they have had encounters with UFOs. Whether through direct contact or observing an unfamiliar craft in the sky, their tales are enough to make one's blood run cold.

Considering this, the reaction of Ukrainian soldiers to an unfamiliar object on their drone’s camera is understandable. It hovered motionlessly and had an irregular shape, causing almost panicked reactions.

"Why isn't it firing rockets at us?"

"What do you mean?"

"What the *** is that? Why isn't it moving?"

"It's definitely a UFO. It's levitating right here on the screen."

"Can't it be seen on the thermal cameras? Maybe try ramming it?"

UFO over Ukraine? Netizens offer theories

The video shared on X (formerly Twitter) appears eerie, especially when paired with another video showing mysterious lights in the sky. However, commenters have begun proposing explanations.

The prevailing theory is that the Ukrainian drone's cameras merely captured another drone. When approached by another drone, the reasons for its stationary hover remain unexplained, but such technology can hover effortlessly.

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