NewsUkrainian drone attacks target key aviation complex in Taganrog, Russia

Ukrainian drone attacks target key aviation complex in Taganrog, Russia

Ukrainian reconnaissance drone unit "Leleka" from the 80th Airmobile Brigade (illustrative picture)
Ukrainian reconnaissance drone unit "Leleka" from the 80th Airmobile Brigade (illustrative picture)
Images source: © Getty Images | SOPA Images
7:06 AM EDT, March 10, 2024

It was reported that 24 drones flew over the city, leading to Russians on social media describing "powerful explosions."

Attack on a significant Russian facility

Reports indicate that the drones caused damage to the Taganrog scientific and technical complex named after Beriev.

"It's a facility that played a crucial role in equipping the Il-76 aircraft with radar detection equipment. Specifically, for the A-50 and A-100 aircraft, this factory was responsible for integrating all that equipment onto the planes," stated Anatoliy Khrapchynsky, as quoted by the Unian agency.

The expert emphasized that it is "a very important target."

In response, Russia launched attacks against Ukraine. Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses managed to intercept 35 out of the 39 drones that Russia deployed to attack Ukrainian territory during the night from Saturday to Sunday. Additionally, Russians launched four S-300 missiles, though there have been no reports from the Ukrainian military regarding these missiles being intercepted.

According to a message on Telegram, the Ukrainian Air Forces disclosed that the Russians dispatched 39 Shahed-type drones from occupied Crimea and southern Russia, with 35 of these drones being shot down by the Ukrainians.

Moreover, the Russians mounted attacks with four S-300 missiles aimed at the eastern Ukrainian regions of Kharkiv and Donetsk, with the Ukrainian military yet to report on whether these missiles were intercepted.

From Saturday night into Sunday, an air raid alarm was activated in the Kharkiv and Donetsk regions, as well as in central Ukrainian areas, including the Kyiv region.

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