NewsUkrainian drone attack sends Russian T-72B3M tank skyward, debunking Putin's outreach claims

Ukrainian drone attack sends Russian T‑72B3M tank skyward, debunking Putin's outreach claims

A Russian tank spectacularly flew into the air near Krynek.
A Russian tank spectacularly flew into the air near Krynek.
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11:44 AM EST, December 21, 2023

A Russian tank was spectacularly launched into the air near Krynek following a drone attack. According to the Ukrainian army, the drone's strike sent the T-72B3M tank skyward, tragically killing its crew. Additionally, several dozen Russian soldiers using the tank as cover were also killed.

These events occurred recently near Krynek, where Ukraine's Armed Forces crossed the Dnieper River and are establishing a strategic position from which they can potentially target Crimea. The Russians are retaliating fiercely, aiming to push the Ukrainian forces towards Kherson. However, as of now, neither side holds the upper hand. The Russians are suffering casualties and the loss of equipment.

Russians avoid deaths in such scenarios, Putin recently claimed.

The reality of President Putin's claims is questionable, as it is unclear whether he is inaccurately informed or outright lying. Since the war began, the invading forces have suffered substantial losses in both manpower and machinery. Russian tanks on the battlefield have proven to be less reliable than previously touted by the commanders of the "second world army".

This has been proven false. As evident in a video recording, the T-72B3M tank unleashed a massive explosion following a drone strike. This vehicle wasn't hit by a HIMARS or by any other artillery units, but by a precision drone strike which caused the ammunition within the vehicle to explode. There was no chance of survival for the crew.

However, Putin shared a contrary narrative at the annual meeting with Russians, trying to reassure citizens about the quality and resilience of Russian military equipment. He asserted that images of destroyed tanks online were manipulated, and that usually, crews from Russian tanks, T-90 or T-72, would exit the vehicle unassisted after enemy hits, sustaining only minor injuries. This statement seems to poorly reflect the actual conditions on the battlefield.

Tragic deaths have become an unfortunate commonality for Russian tank crews.

So far, the Russian Federation has reportedly lost 5,828 tanks and over 350,000 soldiers. This data was provided by the ZSU since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Kyiv's losses, in contrast, are substantially lower, particularly in the case of armored equipment which often can be salvaged and repaired. From their Russian counterparts, only wrecks remain...

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