TechUkrainian-driven M2 Bradley withstands intense Russian artillery, reinforcing its reputation as a life-saving vehicle

Ukrainian-driven M2 Bradley withstands intense Russian artillery, reinforcing its reputation as a life-saving vehicle

BPW M2 Bradley.
BPW M2 Bradley.
Images source: © Youtube | Haci Productions
8:36 PM EST, February 16, 2024

The M2 Bradley, provided by the U.S. authorities to Ukraine, has repeatedly proven to be of exceptional value. Several online videos demonstrate how the vehicle is instrumental in protecting the defenders' lives. A recent video showed a Bradley unaffected by a mine explosion, underscoring its robust construction and resilience.

Even in the face of enemy fire, the vehicle did not stop retaliating - its reinforced construction ensured crew safety and enabled a secure retreat while continuously returning enemy fire. In another instance, an M2 Bradley endured a confrontation with a Russian T-72 tank, suffering only minor damage but ensuring crew safety.

Earlier, the combat vehicle successfully faced off a BM-21 Grad launcher, which did not hinder the Bradley. Further, it demonstrated its capability against the T-90M Breakthrough, which Russian President Vladimir Putin touts as the "best tank in the world".

Bradleys are an invaluable asset for Ukrainians, protecting their lives

Newly circulating online is a video - reported by the Ukrainian Front - which shows a Bradley enduring intense Russian artillery fire. Significantly, not only did the vehicle carry out its combat duties, but it also returned safely to the base post-shelling. This reaffirms the American vehicle’s reputation as a life-saving asset for soldiers in Ukraine.

As a reminder, the Bradley shown in the video is a U.S. armoured combat vehicle with a historical lineage dating back to the 1970s. It has a 25 mm M242 Bushmaster gun and a 7.62 mm machine gun designed to engage enemy targets. Depending on its production year, the vehicle's 500 HP or 600 HP powertrain can propel the Bradley up to almost 43.5 mph.

Globally, the M2 Bradley is widely considered one of the best-armoured infantry vehicles. Its armour is composed of steel, aluminium, and composites. Moreover, the manufacturer customizes the mix of armour plates based on the specific intended usage of the vehicle.

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