TechUkrainian defense industry unveils Lyut, a new highly effective land drone

Ukrainian defense industry unveils Lyut, a new highly effective land drone

Lyut land drone
Lyut land drone
Images source: © Youtube | Militarny
10:04 AM EST, February 13, 2024

Unmanned vehicles have been vital on the frontline for some time. Both the Russians and Ukrainians employ them. Their popularity stems from the low production costs but also their high effectiveness. Small drones can successfully neutralize even heavily armored vehicles, conserving valuable artillery shells.

Progress in robotics suggests that land drones in Ukraine are becoming increasingly prevalent. The German journalist Julian Röpcke recently observed their use, highlighting the novel use of terrestrial kamikaze drones. These stealthy vehicles can penetrate deep into enemy territory due to their compact size.

Given the effectiveness of these machines, it comes as no surprise that the Ukrainians have sought to further this sector of their arms industry. They have recently showcased their most advanced unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) - Lyut - a robotic platform visually similar to a tank. It is a wheeled structure with a turret that houses a 7.62 mm PKT machine gun, described as a weapon designed to meet the strictest military operation requirements.

The Ukrainians have successfully created a fully operational, four-wheel drive version of Lyut, moving from concept to reality. It functions like a mobile tower with an integrated machine gun, enabling diversionary tactics while simultaneously identifying enemy locations.

Lyut has a range of approximately 2300 feet, from the operator to the drone. With an integrated PKT rifle, it is expected to have a firing range of up to 2600 feet. Importantly, Lyut performed exceptionally against electronic warfare systems, even when positioned up to 2300 feet away from a jammer.

Lyut comes equipped not just with a machine gun - commonly found on heavy vehicles - but also reinforced armor. It can withstand fire from standard handheld weapons. Anti-tank ammunition, which comes at a considerable cost for the Russians compared to firing a handheld weapon, is required to take down the drone. Furthermore, using anti-tank weapons will likely reveal the enemy's position - a significant advantage for the defending army.

Lyut - new Ukrainian ground drone

Standard communication technology, familiar from conventional drones, has been incorporated into the Lyut to enhance its usability. Consequently, Lyut is controlled using a standard controller and requires no special training for Ukrainians to operate it.

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