TechUkrainian defense forces neutralize Russian "nuclear cousin" flamethrower in fiery Avdiivka showdown

Ukrainian defense forces neutralize Russian "nuclear cousin" flamethrower in fiery Avdiivka showdown

Images source: © Wikimedia Commons | EVGENIY KEL

1:56 PM EST, January 9, 2024

The Ukrainian military has reportedly destroyed a Russian heavy 220 mm caliber flamethrower TOS-1A in the Avdiivka region, a story we discovered through the Ukrainian Front profile on Platform X. This loss is significant for Russia due to the substantial firepower of the weapon. It's also worth noting that there have been similar losses in recent weeks, with at least three TOS-1A units being destroyed.

Despite its limited range of approximately 3.7 miles, the Solntsepyok is ideal for neutralizing enemies in challenging terrains. As one of the most potent units in the Russian army, deploying TOS-1A in hotspots of the fiercest battles, including in Avdiivka, is not surprising. Recent reports suggest that the Russians are losing a considerable amount of equipment in these areas.

Leaves Devastation in its Wake

There's a reason why the TOS-1A is often referred to as the "cousin of nuclear weapons". Armed with thermobaric warheads, it wages extreme destruction in its targeted areas - the Solntsepyok can literally incinerate people alive if they are directly within its blast radius.

The TOS-1A shown in the recording is a Russian rocket artillery system, with its roots tracing back to the 1980s. At that time, Russia was in need of a weapon that could rapidly bombard large enemy territories. This need led to the creation of the TOS-1, based on the T-72 tank chassis, and equipped with a 30-rail (for TOS-1A) or 24-rail launcher (for TOS-1A) for thermobaric missiles.

The munitions used by the heavy flamethrower cause an effect comparable to a minor nuclear blast upon detonation. The epicenter of such an explosion can reach temperatures up to 5,432 degrees Fahrenheit, effectively incinerating everything in its direct vicinity, including people.

Each 220 mm caliber TOS-1A system rocket carries approximately 99 pounds of explosive charge. The entire system weighs around 51 short tons and can move at a maximum speed of 37 mph. When fully fueled, the range of a TOS-1A just exceeds 311 miles.

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