NewsUkrainian child dies, hundreds more fall ill amidst mystery fever after Siberian retreat

Ukrainian child dies, hundreds more fall ill amidst mystery fever after Siberian retreat

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7:09 AM EST, December 22, 2023

The children hailed from the Luhansk region in Ukraine, currently occupied by Russia. They were returning from the Olympic Village Rebiáchek, situated in the Tyumen region of Western Siberia, as reported by the British newspaper "Mirror". Approximately 60 children were exhibiting symptoms of acute viral respiratory infection while seven had extremely high temperatures. This was reported by the news service The train they were journeying in, from Tyumen to Adler, a whopping distance of about 1864 miles, was halted near the city of Penza. Doctors were scrambled aboard to attend the critically ill 12-year-old.

It was reported that the girl had been feeling unwell with a fever. Despite being administered medication, she fell unconscious and unfortunately could not be revived. "When the girl lost consciousness, the train manager was quickly alerted. An ambulance was despatched to the closest station, but unfortunately the doctors couldn't revive the child and she was declared dead," shared an undisclosed source from REN TV. The train resumed its journey to the Balashov station in the Saratov region, following her untimely death.

Ambulances were stationed at the Balashov station on standby. Children displaying severe symptoms were promptly whisked away to the hospital, followed by the entire group including their adult chaperones. Russia's health official, Rospotrebnadzor, assured that the situation was under "special control", as stated by the "Mirror". A hotline operating 24/7 has been put in place for the concerned parents of the sick children.

Medical personnel are currently screening the remaining children in the Tyumen region of Siberia. Samples of water and food from the train and the camp have been collected for testing. An investigation into the outbreak, as well as the tragic death of the young girl, has been initiated. "The doctors who were accompanying the children and the emergency team that arrived at the scene performed all necessary medical protocols. Rospotrebnadzor swiftly sent a mobile lab to the scene. All the children were examined by doctors," stated Saratov's regional governor, Roman Busargin, quoted by "Mirror".

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