NewsUkrainian brigade's daring strike decimates 16 Russian tanks

Ukrainian brigade's daring strike decimates 16 Russian tanks

Ukrainians destroy Russian equipment.
Ukrainians destroy Russian equipment.
Images source: © Оборона України, X

7:01 PM EDT, April 7, 2024

The ongoing Russian offensive in Ukraine persists, with the country's defenders actively resisting the adversary's assaults. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have shared footage demonstrating the successful targeting and destruction of Russian tanks, reportedly annihilating a notable portion of Putin's military assets in a single day.
Many recent online videos highlight the Ukrainian military's effective engagement with Russian armored units, notably utilizing drones. Despite Ukrainian officials describing the front-line situation as critical and calling for increased and accelerated aid, it’s clear the Ukrainian forces are holding their ground against the invaders.

While these individual clips may not fully represent the front-line dynamics, they underscore Volodymyr Zelensky’s troops' minor victories. This comes amid reports suggesting Putin's interest in mobilizing civilians for a new offensive.

The Ukrainian Ministry of National Defense features a video from the 25th Separate Airborne Brigade on the X platform. According to Anton Geraschenko, a former deputy minister of internal affairs, this unit is credited with destroying 36 tanks and 12 infantry fighting vehicles right before the holidays.

Remarkable achievement of the Ukrainian brigade

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announces another triumph of the 25th Brigade, which, in a single day, reportedly eliminated 16 Russian armored vehicles, including 10 tanks and 6 infantry vehicles. Drone footage of these destructive moments is viewable on the X service.
This recent engagement occurred around Avdiivka, a city from which Ukrainian forces had to retreat following intense battles, ultimately ceding control to Russian forces. Experts attribute Russia's success in part to extensive aerial bombing campaigns.
However, capturing Avdiivka came at a steep cost for Putin's forces, with reports of up to 20,000 fatalities and around 40,000 injuries among the troops. Additionally, about 700 vehicles were reported destroyed, indicating significant losses for the Russian military.
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