NewsUkrainian 'Baba Yaga' drone strikes terror, destroys Russia's elite tank

Ukrainian 'Baba Yaga' drone strikes terror, destroys Russia's elite tank

"Baba Yaga" hit a Russian tank. She wasn't too nice.
"Baba Yaga" hit a Russian tank. She wasn't too nice.
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1:06 PM EDT, May 13, 2024

On social media, a video has emerged showing a Russian T-90M tank destroyed. This was achieved by a Ukrainian drone dubbed "Baba Yaga," which has become a significant threat to Vladimir Putin's army.

Ukrainian drones, known as "Baba Yaga," are commercial models with payloads up to 44 pounds, acquired through the "Army of Drones" initiative and adapted for military use. These include drones like the DJI Matrice 300 RTK and agricultural drones, which can cover distances up to 6 miles and reach altitudes of approximately 13,123 feet. They stay airborne for around an hour, though this duration can decrease if overloaded.

Ukrainians employ these drones as bombers, using them to carry anti-tank munitions, PG-7VL grenades, or mortar shells.

In another role, "Baba Yaga" drones are fitted with signal amplifiers, enabling FPV drones as makeshift airborne munitions by attaching explosives, like grenades, with zip ties.

The impact of "Baba Yaga" drones became evident through social media, showcasing the complete destruction of a Russian T-90M tank.

With the tank destroyed, its crew is being reassigned to assault groups due to the lack of alternatives, according to discussions on the X platform.

Russia's elite tanks

Previous attacks on the T-90M have highlighted the tank's hefty price tag of about 4.5 million dollars each. Dubbed as Putin's pride, each successful Ukrainian attack ending in its destruction represents not only a significant financial blow for Russia but also a damage to its prestige.

The T-90M boasts a 2A46M-5 cannon, a 125 mm weapon accompanied by a modern fire control system named Kalina, and two machine guns - cal. 7.62 mm and cal. 12.7 mm. It is also protected by Relikt reactive armor, safeguarding both the hull and turret.

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