NewsUkrainian artillery destroys Russian tanks in fierce front-line battles

Ukrainian artillery destroys Russian tanks in fierce front-line battles

A series of defensive actions. Russians in fear
A series of defensive actions. Russians in fear
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6:47 AM EDT, May 28, 2024

A recording from the Ukrainian front has surfaced online. The video documents several actions by soldiers of the 148th Artillery Brigade.

"Invasion of foreign lands? Prepare for a fiery ride," warn the Ukrainian defenders from the 148th Separate Artillery Brigade.

The military published a video showing the moment Russian equipment was destroyed on the front line.

Situation on the front. Statement from the Ukrainian army

The Russians are concentrating attacks in the area of the city of Chasiv Yar in the Donetsk region, the Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff reported Monday evening. The statement highlighted that the region's defense involves, among others, the Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR).

"Near Novo, close to Chasiv Yar, the enemy conducted five assaults from the beginning of the day," the report said. The daily report also indicated that the number of Russian attacks has increased towards Kramatorsk.

"The overall number of enemy attacks along the entire front line from the beginning of the day approached 80," stated the staff. On Monday, the Russians hit Kharkiv once again. "Fierce fighting is ongoing in the entire Kharkiv region. However, the occupiers are paying a high price for their attempts at an offensive—since the beginning of May 27, 137 invaders have already been killed there," it was noted.

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