TechUkrainian Army enhances Bohdana howitzers to counter Russian drone attacks

Ukrainian Army enhances Bohdana howitzers to counter Russian drone attacks

Ukrainian howitzer Bohdana with additional protections
Ukrainian howitzer Bohdana with additional protections
Images source: © X, @Maks_NAFO_FELLA
1:53 PM EDT, March 31, 2024

One of the Ukrainian army units, equipped with Bohdana howitzers, has shared photos showcasing modifications made to this artillery. These adjustments appear to be a countermeasure against recent Russian military tactics.

For several months, Ukrainians have reported Russian forces specifically targeting the Bohdana howitzers for destruction. They allege that Russians have pursued this equipment eagerly, and in February of this year, they achieved their goal for the first time. A Lancet kamikaze drone was used to seriously damage the previously elusive howitzer. However, the Ukrainians have now implemented solutions designed to enhance the howitzer's protection against such drone attacks.

“Protecting our weaponry, which the enemy relentlessly seeks to destroy, is part of our combat duties. This sometimes necessitates adapting to tactics on the battlefield,” stated the representatives of the 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade.

Bohdan howitzers with additional protections

Additional protective measures include the installation of extra metal mesh screens. The published photos reveal that these screens are attached to the howitzer's most vital areas - the front and top of the cabin, the engine cover, and the ammunition storage locations.

The Ukrainian army's pride

The Bohdana howitzer is gradually emerging as a symbol of pride for the Ukrainian army. It was first unveiled in 2018 as an experimental project, but following its significant role in the highly publicized operation to reclaim Snake Island, a decision was swiftly made to commence mass production.

This Ukrainian howitzer fires 155 mm calibre shells, conforming to NATO standards. It has the capacity to strike targets up to about 25 miles away with standard ammunition and approximately 37 miles with rocket-assisted projectiles.

Initially, the Bohdana utilized a 6x6 drive system, but it has gradually transitioned to using the chassis of the Czech Tatra T815 truck, which features an 8x8 drive. The incorporation of an automated ammunition loading mechanism is among the notable enhancements introduced through its series of upgrades.

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