TechUkrainian army develops advanced medical evacuation vehicle

Ukrainian army develops advanced medical evacuation vehicle

Prototype of a new vehicle for injured soldiers
Prototype of a new vehicle for injured soldiers
Images source: © Youtube | Radio Swoboda

8:56 PM EST, November 28, 2023

According to Militarnyj portal, Ukrainian engineers are currently in the process of upgrading an existing armored vehicle, the Kozak-7, with the intent of transforming it into a modern medical evacuation vehicle. Its primary objective will be to ensure safe transportation for injured soldiers from the frontlines.

Recently, Ukraine has begun unveiling a series of innovative designs intended for battlefield use. As always, the main objective is to save lives. This includes the advanced Leleka LR drones, which feature state-of-the-art technologies.

In addition to this, the Ukrainian military has also developed the Piranha AVD 360 system, a device that jams the signals of Russian drones, thus increasing the security of defender's vehicles during kamikaze attacks. The list of groundbreaking technology is expected to broaden with the addition of the upgraded Kozak-7 evacuation vehicle. This technology under development will provide crucial evacuation support on the frontlines.

Kozak to Serve as Lifeline on the Battlefield

Militarnyj details that the development of this new vehicle is being undertaken by a private company, Praktika, based in Kyiv. The medical evacuation vehicle will be an upgraded version of the existing Kozak-7, originally built on the Ford F550 platform and equipped with appropriate mechanical reinforcements. Kozak-7 uses a 4x4 drive system.

The vehicle is currently in its testing phase, which is focusing on detecting and addressing any faults and issues that may arise during its operation. The army, along with medical personnel, are actively engaged in this phase to help fine-tune the vehicle to suit the specific needs of field hospitals.

Prototype of the new Ukrainian car
Prototype of the new Ukrainian car© Youtube | Radio Swoboda

To ensure the safety of the wounded, the vehicle is equipped with ballistic protection that meets the PZSA-5 standard - comparable to NATO STANAG 4569 level two. This level of protection provides resistance against 7.62 x 51 mm bullets and insulation from mine explosions (up to 13.2 pounds of TNT).

The medical section of this vehicle, located at the rear, can accommodate up to four wounded soldiers and one doctor. Interestingly, while the original Kozak-7 had two pairs of doors at the front, the new design has only one pair for the driver and the passenger.

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