NewsUkrainian air force strikes Russian landing ship in Crimean port, underscoring tense Black Sea stand-off

Ukrainian air force strikes Russian landing ship in Crimean port, underscoring tense Black Sea stand-off

Crimea is the battleground between Russia and Ukraine.
Crimea is the battleground between Russia and Ukraine.
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2:12 PM EST, December 26, 2023

Natalia Humeniuk, head of the Press Centre of South Ukraine Defense Forces, confirmed the assault on the Russian vessel. She assured that the night explosion on the Russian ship was due not only to the ship's fuel or armament.

"The explosion was incredibly powerful and long-lasting. It was accompanied by a massive fire," she stated.

Ukrainian assault on Russian vessel

Sergey Aksionov, the head of occupied Crimea, reported one fatality and two injuries due to the attack. However, the consequences could be more severe for the Russian services. There's a possibility that the ship "Novocherkassk" might have carried Shahed combat drones manufactured by Iran.

The Russian Defence Ministry verified the damage to the ship during the strike, which involved manoeuvring missiles launched from aircraft. They also maintained that two Ukrainian Su-24 machines used in the attack were obliterated. However, the Ukrainian side has not corroborated this claim.

Andriy Yermak, head of President Volodymyr Zelensky's office, made a comment on social media: "There won't be a Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation in Crimea. Because Crimea belongs to Ukraine." The Ukrainian military considers attacks on Russian vessels necessary as they function as logistical aids due to the damage of the Kerch Bridge.

Russia's Safety Questioned

Currently, Russian occupiers have dispersed their ships across different ports and bays in Crimea. This occurrence indicates that the location Russians deemed safe is not distant enough to escape the strikes from the Ukrainian forces.

The attack on the Russian vessel is just one of many recent Ukrainian military successes. Shortly before the holidays, in the regions of Chaplynka and Kalanchak, situated in Kherson Oblast, the Ukrainian military successfully executed an attack, during which Russia lost three warriors.

Both conflict parties confirm the shooting down of the Su-34, the only unresolved matter being the exact number of aircraft destroyed.

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