NewsUkrainian Agriculture Minister Ensnared in $11M Land Scandal

Ukrainian Agriculture Minister Ensnared in $11M Land Scandal

Mykola Solski
Mykola Solski
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12:03 PM EDT, April 23, 2024

According to the Ukrainian Truth, Mykola Solski, the Ukrainian Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food, is facing scrutiny in a corruption investigation, which obtained its information from anti-corruption officials.

Reports from the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) suggest that Solski has been implicated in illegally procuring land worth 291 million hryvnias (approximately $7 million). Additionally, he is accused of attempting to unlawfully acquire land valued at 190 million hryvnias (about $4 million).

In their communication regarding this matter, NABU refrained from explicitly naming Mykola Solski. Still, a source within the Special Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office confirmed to Ukrainian Truth that the allegations are indeed directed at the sitting Minister of Agriculture.

NABU's public announcement detailed a fraudulent scheme for acquiring land from two state-owned enterprises located in the Sumy region, implicating individuals affiliated with the cadastral office.

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