TechUkrainian 2S22 Bohdan howitzer's latest model increases firepower and crew efficiency

Ukrainian 2S22 Bohdan howitzer's latest model increases firepower and crew efficiency

Ukrainian howitzer 2S22 Bogdana in a new version
Ukrainian howitzer 2S22 Bogdana in a new version
Images source: © X, @front_ukrainian

11:22 AM EST, February 14, 2024

The 2S22 Bohdan has become somewhat symbolic of the ongoing conflict. This howitzer was initially developed in 2016 and was introduced to the public in 2018. For a significant amount of time, Ukrainians utilized a single prototype of this weapon, which was treated as an experiment. The escalating Russian aggression necessitated its test under combat conditions. The performance was surprisingly impressive, with the 2S22 Bohdan playing a crucial role in the recapture of Snake Island. It didn't take long for the authorities to ramp up mass production, resulting in new, significantly improved versions.

The newly released photos indicate that one of the significant issues soldiers operating this howitzer faced has been addressed. The latest model, the 2S22 Bohdan 3.0, now comes with a mechanism that aids in loading ammunition into the gun.

2S22 Bogdana in version 3.0 on the front

This advancement significantly helps the crew. This weapon's projectiles are about 6.1 inches in caliber and weigh approximately 88 pounds. In addition to making their work more streamlined, this modification has enhanced the weapon's combat efficacy – it now has an increased firing rate of up to six shots per minute. As stated by the Ukrainians, "Without an automated ammunition feeding mechanism, the rate of fire would be halved."

The newest model of this Ukrainian howitzer is mounted on an 8x8 chassis, an upgrade from the previously used 6x6 model. It also allows the crew to operate from an armored, modular Puma cabin.

The 2S22 Bohdan's maximum effective range remains the same; it can reach approximately 24.85 miles with standard ammunition and around 37.28 miles when using rocket-assisted shells.

According to soldiers who have operated the 2S22 Bohdan, it presents an "ideal balance of accuracy and power relative to its production costs." It was disclosed in December 2023 that the Ukrainian army currently has 30 units of the 2S22 Bohdan.

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