TechUkrainian 2S22 Bogdana howitzers face significant losses

Ukrainian 2S22 Bogdana howitzers face significant losses

Ukrainian howitzers 2S22 Bogdana, illustrative photo
Ukrainian howitzers 2S22 Bogdana, illustrative photo
Images source: © X, @friedhelm_mosel

4:43 PM EDT, May 19, 2024

Ukrainians are experiencing additional losses of some of their most potent howitzers. The long-elusive Ukrainian 2S22 Bogdana is now being destroyed one after another. This is the fourth documented loss within a week. Here, we remind you of this weapon's capabilities.

A few days ago, a recording was released online showing the alleged destruction of a French CAESAR howitzer in Ukraine. However, it quickly turned out that it was actually one of the newest weapons produced by Ukrainians, the 2S22 Bogdana howitzer, whose first documented hit by the Russians only appeared in February 2024.

Russian kamikaze drones destroyed three units of this weapon within a few days. Now, the aggressor's army adds another valuable weapon to the list of losses on the Ukrainian side. Kyiv loses the fourth Bogdana howitzer within a week.

Used it to shell Snake Island. The 2S22 Bogdana Howitzer

Bogdana was designed as the first Ukrainian artillery system adapted to fire standard NATO shells, which are 6.1 inches in caliber.

Even in 2016, when the Ukrainians decided to build the 2S22, it was anticipated that Bogdana would replace Soviet-era weapons in the future. Its prototype appeared shortly after construction began in 2018. Tests started a year later and are essentially ongoing today amid the ongoing conflict with Russia. The 2S22 Bogdana, among other things, became famous during the Battle for Snake Island, providing fire support.

The Ukrainian defense industry currently allows the production of only a few 2S22 Bogdanas per month. Therefore, these continuously improved (based on front-line experiences) constructions regularly support the defenders' army. However, the Russians are not leaving these supplies unanswered and are eliminating additional units from combat, obliterating them.

This howitzer, mounted on a KrAZ-6322 (6x6) wheeled chassis, reaches a range of 25 miles. The range can be increased by using rocket-assisted shells. In that case, the Bogdana, with its 6.1-inch caliber barrel and a length of 52 calibers, can shell enemy positions up to 37 miles away. It fires at six rounds per minute and can hold 20 rounds of ammunition.

The crew does not need support for operating the 2S22 Bogdana. The nearly 66,000-pound construction features an automated loading system, so the small crew does not have to manually load shells—unlike with older Soviet-era constructions. The fire control system supplied by Siemens ensures the accuracy of the shelling.

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