SportsUkraine's win tinged with political protests at Euro play-off

Ukraine's win tinged with political protests at Euro play-off

Fans from Ukraine hung two banners in the stands.
Fans from Ukraine hung two banners in the stands.
Images source: © X, UEFA via Getty Images | Srdjan Stevanović, Zorya Londonsk
8:36 AM EDT, March 22, 2024

The Ukrainian national team competed in the playoffs to participate in the European Championship. Some supporters showcased two provocative banners during their match against Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The first banner stated in English, "Russia is a terrorist country." The second proclaimed, "UN still useless. Srebrenica - 1995. Ukraine - 2022 is ???".

Srebrenica, situated in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was the scene of the worst genocide in Europe since World War II concluded. Over 8,000 Bosniak people were massacred by the Serbian military. Despite being declared a safe area by the UN in 1993, efforts by the organization failed to prevent the genocide.

The Ukrainian national team fans aim to highlight Russia's military aggression internationally. This conflict, initiated by the aggressor, has ravaged Ukraine since 2022.

The Euro play-off semifinal took place at the Bilino Polje Stadium, a mere 124 miles west of Srebrenica. For the Ukrainians, it served as a moment to underscore the United Nations' failure to act during the Balkan conflict, alongside Russia's ongoing assault on Ukraine.

In the final 10 minutes of the game, Ukraine clinched a 2:1 win against Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are set to face Iceland in the play-off final on Tuesday, hosted at the stadium in Wrocław, with Ukraine as the nominal home team.

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