NewsUkraine's uphill battle: Predictions for brutal combat in 2024 amidst Russia's unmoving frontline

Ukraine's uphill battle: Predictions for brutal combat in 2024 amidst Russia's unmoving frontline

Worrisome words for Ukraine. Will it be a tough year?
Worrisome words for Ukraine. Will it be a tough year?
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4:51 PM EST, December 27, 2023

February will mark two years since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Vladimir Putin has not reached his objective, meaning he has not overtaken Kyiv or control Ukraine. In the east of the country, the Russian army has, however, scored several tactical victories and has seized lands that previously belonged to Ukraine.

In 2023, it was hoped that Ukraine would recapture its territories, but the counter-offensive has not yet yielded the anticipated results. A breakthrough of the Russian army's defensive line was expected, but the frontline remained unchanged in the past months. Another attempt will be made by Volodymyr Zelensky's army in 2024.

"Our duty is to finalize the conduct of military operations and liberate our territories. This task will be more challenging than before. The enemy is aware of this and will do everything to disrupt our plans," explains Commander Oleksandr Tarnawski.

Many experts predict that the Ukraine war will likely conclude in 2024. What is Tarnawski's view on this subject?

"My aim isn't merely to end the war. The goal is victory. Because there are different ways to conclude a war. For us, the army, only victory counts," he adds.

The Prime Minister of Slovakia offers a sobering take on the war in Ukraine

It's worth mentioning that the Prime Minister of Slovakia has shared his frank views on the prospects of Kyiv winning the war with Russia. He believes the Ukrainians do not possess "enough forces to turn the tide of the conflict" at the front.

"We must face the truth and say that Ukraine doesn't have enough forces to militarily overturn the situation and is not capable of counter-offensives. We could send all the weapons in the world, all the funds, but the Russian Federation will never be militarily defeated. The change will come in 2023 or 2024, and you will see that the Russian Federation will start dictating the terms for resolving this conflict," claims the Prime Minister of Slovakia.
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