TechUkraine's upgraded Sturm-SM missile system. A game changer on the battlefield

Ukraine's upgraded Sturm-SM missile system. A game changer on the battlefield

Ukraine has completed testing of the new weapon
Ukraine has completed testing of the new weapon
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10:03 AM EST, January 7, 2024

As of the start of January, the national tests and weapons codification had concluded. Hence, the mobile missile system Sturm-SM, intended for anti-tank applications, is now ready for operation. The Ukrainians have also developed their missiles with various warheads for this system. As the Ukrainian Defense Express reported, these facts were officially confirmed by Deputy Minister of Defense Gen. Ivan Havryliuk.

The advanced work on the Sturm-SM system began before the Russian invasion. For tactical reasons, the Ukrainians have chosen not to disclose all technical details of this new system. However, it will provide a robust system offering invaluable support to soldiers on the battlefield.

What Can We Expect From the Sturm-SM?

The Sturm-SM is based on the Soviet anti-tank system Sturm-S (9P149). However, the Ukrainians have chosen to modernize it deeply. The Izium Instrument-Making Plant will supply a new optoelectronic station, and the standard 9M114 Cocoon missiles will be replaced with guided RK-2W Barier-W and RK-2P missiles from the Kyiv State Design Office Luch.

These modifications will enable effective strikes on targets up to 3.7-4.3 miles away and pierce vehicle armor up to 31.5 inches thick, regardless of the time of day or night. For comparison, the Sturm-S had a range of not more than 2.5 miles and only operated in daylight.

However, beyond these features, little is known about the Sturm-SM system. There is a likelihood that more will be revealed about its combat capabilities by 2024, when the Russian invaders will potentially experience its strength, providing insights into more technical details.

At this point, it is also unknown which vehicles will constitute the "foundation" for the Sturm-SM system in the Soviet army. However, during the tests, it was observed on the Soviet MT-LB chassis.

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