NewsUkraine's triumph is NATO's security investment. Stoltenberg warns of Putin's unchecked aggression

Ukraine's triumph is NATO's security investment. Stoltenberg warns of Putin's unchecked aggression

The NATO chief promises to support Ukraine until its victory. Vladimir Putin cannot be happy about this.
The NATO chief promises to support Ukraine until its victory. Vladimir Putin cannot be happy about this.
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7:43 AM EST, December 15, 2023

As for how long the war in Ukraine will persist, it remains unknown, but it certainly won't wrap up soon. The Russians are presumably banking on waiting out an exhausted opponent. This is why NATO's leader, Jens Stoltenberg, vows to back Ukraine until it triumphs over Russia.

"This is an investment in our security," asserts NATO's Secretary General, cautioning that the threat is considerable.

Analysts predict that Russia might choose to attack another nation within a few years.

The situation in Ukraine and the troubles in Kyiv have been escalating recently. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have initiated a retreat on the front lines. Soldiers have begun voicing complaints about their leaders and a shortage of equipment, and there's been intense media discussion about the rift between President Volodymyr Zelensky and General Valeriy Zaluzhny, commander of the AFU and the driving force behind the Ukrainian army.

If Putin emerges victorious in Ukraine, there's a substantial risk that his aggression won't be contained there - Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, warns.

The leader of the North Atlantic Alliance continues to staunchly support the Ukrainian authorities. He is also actively battling Russian propaganda and tactics designed to dilute interest in the war. By doing so, Russia aspires to enhance its chances of turning the tide of the conflict, now in its third year, in its favor and securing the win.

"Our support isn't out of charity. It's an investment in our security," the NATO chief reinforced.

The only viable way to achieve an equitable and enduring resolution is to convince President Putin that he cannot achieve victory on the battlefield, the head of NATO declared. He later added that further assistance to Ukraine is crucial to actualizing this scenario.

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