NewsUkraine's Toretsk and Pokrovsk: The next battleground in Russian offensive

Ukraine's Toretsk and Pokrovsk: The next battleground in Russian offensive

War in Ukraine
War in Ukraine
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10:06 AM EDT, June 30, 2024

Toretsk and Pokrovsk: These two cities may become crucial in the coming months of the war in Ukraine. This is due to the Russian army's lack of successes on current frontlines and, as noted by experts from the Ukrainian bureau of the BBC, the Russians' weakening offensive potential.

The war in Ukraine has been ongoing for over two and a half years. During this time, observers of the frontlines have noticed several shifts in initiative from both sides. However, over time, this "blitzkrieg" planned by Putin began to change its image and significantly slow down.

This phenomenon was particularly evident in recent months when breakthroughs were hard to come by on both sides. The frontlines partially froze, and both armies were engaged in a dramatic battle of attrition, searching for even small gaps in the enemy's defenses.

As indicated in the latest report by experts from the BBC's Ukrainian bureau, this could be due to problems plaguing both armies. For the Ukrainians, there are significant delays in arms deliveries and manpower shortages, while the Russians suffer from a lack of proper support. As a result, a noticeable weakening of Russia's offensive potential can be observed.

New front in the last major Ukrainian stronghold in western Donbas

The situation on the front is beginning to shift towards an advantage for Ukraine in terms of firepower. But again, depending on the dynamics of supplying the Ukrainian army, this process may take a week or a month. But it is already evident that the pace of the Russian army's advance is slowing down—assessed analyst Agil Rustamzade for the BBC, among others, in Vovchansk.

The situation is expected to be decidedly more difficult for Ukrainians in Toretsk and Pokrovsk. As noted by experts from the BBC, Russian efforts will most likely be concentrated here during the summer offensive. In just a few days, Putin's small army advanced as much as one mile in this combat direction.

The Russians still have about 19 miles to the city, but the Ukrainian logistic routes, focused on the Pokrovsk-Kostyantynivka route, are heavily threatened. The BBC notes that for Vladimir Putin, this is currently a key direction of action, as it is the last major Ukrainian stronghold in western Donbas.

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