NewsUkraine's Neptun missiles target key Russian oil terminals

Ukraine's Neptun missiles target key Russian oil terminals

"Caucasus" on fire. They fired Neptuns towards Russia
"Caucasus" on fire. They fired Neptuns towards Russia
Images source: © ZSU

9:21 AM EDT, May 31, 2024

The Ukrainian strike group attacked strategic targets in Russia, such as the ferry crossing and the oil terminal at Caucasus. The Russian armed forces use these facilities. The staff confirmed that the attack was executed using Ukrainian Neptun missiles.

The attack took place overnight from Thursday to Friday. "This happened after the Ukrainian Defense Forces hit two ferries at the Kerch ferry crossing, which were traveling to the port of Caucasus and were used in the military logistics of the aggressor," the staff stated.

Attack on the oil terminal

The Ukrainian army revealed that several missiles were fired at the Caucasus oil terminal, which was part of the Ukrainian-made Neptun coastal missile complex. They also emphasized that explosions were heard at the site, and the effects of the attack are currently being analyzed and determined.

The staff reported that, on the same night, the Ukrainian side attacked another oil terminal in the Krasnodar Region using strike drones. The location of the attack has not been disclosed.

"To be continued"

"The modern and 'effective' Russian air defense proved powerless against our missiles and unmanned systems and could not protect important facilities that served the logistics and supply for the Russian Federation army. To be continued," Ukrainian military officials assured on Telegram.

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