NewsUkraine's military chief emphasizes drone warfare to counter Russia's advantage amid dwindling aid

Ukraine's military chief emphasizes drone warfare to counter Russia's advantage amid dwindling aid

Valerij Zaluzhny
Valerij Zaluzhny
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2:55 AM EST, February 2, 2024, updated: 4:31 AM EST, March 7, 2024

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As mentioned earlier, the article is Zaluzhny's first public outing since unverified rumors of his dismissal by President Volodymyr Zelensky began circulating. These rumors, which erupted in the media on Tuesday, were promptly dismissed by the Ministry of Defense and Zelensky's press spokesman.

Drones: Ukraine's potential game-changer

Zaluzhny, in his article, noted that drones could be a decisive element in countering Russia's advantage and preventing trench warfare.

The commander-in-chief explained that drones currently play an integral role in shaping the context of the ongoing warfare in Ukraine. He emphasized that these unmanned devices are Ukraine's best chance at avoiding a drawn-out war, where they lack the advantage.

"Mastering the arsenal of (relatively) cheap, modern, and highly effective unmanned machines and other technological means should be a top priority," wrote the commander. He outlined several uses for drones, ranging from reconnaissance data collection and round-the-clock fire direction to monitoring battlefield situations.

Zaluzhny emphasized that the use of drones represents a drastic shift in battlefield operations and requires letting go of outdated, stereotypical thinking. He elaborated that such a new operational concept aims to target not just the battlefield, but also the enemy's economy and morale.

Zaluzhny stressed that unmanned systems and technology are vital in overcoming Ukraine's current challenges, which include Russia's numerical superiority, impressive mobilization capabilities, and declining ammunition supplies due to diminished support from Ukraine's foreign allies.

Zaluzhny criticizes the 'ineffectiveness of state institutions'

"Our partners' rocket supplies, air defense interceptors, and artillery ammunition are dwindling due to the intensity of military operations in Ukraine, and a global propellant charges shortage," noted Zaluzhny. He warned that Russia, who continues to arm itself despite international sanctions, could leverage the situation to provoke conflicts elsewhere.

General Zaluzhny also highlighted other issues confronting Ukraine, including the 'inefficiency of state institutions' to boost soldier counts without resorting to 'unpopular measures', legal constraints, and a 'partial monopolization of the defense industry', which hampers Ukraine's production capabilities.

Zaluzhny believes that a shift in combat philosophy, prioritizing tech-based strategies, could help circumvent these problems. He mentioned Ukraine's aim to 'establish a completely new state technological armament system', which he thinks can potentially be achieved within five months.

Is Zaluzhny ringing the alarm bells? Ukraine's fate depends on itself

"Our goal must be to seize the moment - to maximize the accumulation of the latest combat capabilities, which will allow us to dedicate fewer resources to inflicting maximum damage on the enemy, end aggression, and secure Ukraine's future," concluded the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army.

Zaluzhny's article surfaced amidst media speculations that Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenski is planning to dismiss him. The general does not directly address this in the article but subtly refers to political divisions within Ukraine and the contentious issue of mobilization, which is reportedly a point of contention between him and Zelenski.

While it isn't explicitly stated, the tone of his article suggests a growing sentiment that Ukraine's destiny ultimately lies in its own hands - a point analyzed by the CNN experts.

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