TechUkraine's M2A2 Bradley Tanks armed with explosive BRAT armor dominating skirmishes in Avdiivka

Ukraine's M2A2 Bradley Tanks armed with explosive BRAT armor dominating skirmishes in Avdiivka

M2A2 Bradley with additional reactive armor BRAT in Ukraine
M2A2 Bradley with additional reactive armor BRAT in Ukraine
Images source: © X, @front_ukrainian
2:26 PM EST, January 24, 2024

The M2A2 Bradley featured in this short video is among the units used by Ukrainian forces in the ongoing conflict with Russia in the Avdiivka area. Over the past few weeks, this location has been the epicenter of heavy skirmishes. Last week, we witnessed documented assaults on a Russian armored vehicle and a fight with a Russian T-90M Proryv tank. In both instances, the M2A2 Bradley held the upper hand, reinforcing its significant contribution to the current warfare.

M2A2 Bradley upgraded with BRAT reactive armor in Ukraine

The United States-supplied infantry fighting vehicles offer considerable offensive capabilities while also boasting high resilience. On numerous occasions, they have been instrumental in safeguarding their crew's lives, partly due to the implementation of BRAT (Bradley Reactive Armor Tiles) packages.

This enhancement was jointly developed by American and Israeli engineers. The modified M2A2 Bradley vehicles, bolstered with the addition, have been utilized in conflict zones such as Syria and Iraq, and their presence is now noticeable in Ukraine.

The modification entails the addition of reactive (explosive) panels that amplify the protection against, for example, fragmentation (e.g., from RPG-7 grenade launchers) and fire from automatic cannons installed on infantry fighting vehicles, including those operated by the Russians. These BRAT panels are attached to a specially designed frame, a process that is feasible even under field conditions.

M2A2 Bradley: A crucial asset to Ukrainian forces

One Ukrainian soldier stated in an interview that without the M2A2 Bradley, "the northern flank would have already been lost". Publicly accessible data reveals that over 180 M2A2 Bradley units have thus far been deployed in Ukraine.

These infantry fighting vehicles are equipped with 600 HP engines and utilize caterpillar tracks. On roadways, they can reach top speeds of approximately 40 mph and handle challenging terrains, including overcoming about 2.9 feet high obstacles and navigating across bodies of water.

The crew primarily targets enemy units using the M242 Bushmaster automatic 25mm cannon, which fires at a rate of 200 rounds per minute and has a range of nearly 1.24 miles. Additionally, the manufacturer has fitted the vehicle with machine guns and launchers for guided anti-tank missiles.

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