TechUkraine's Kraken Regiment will test a modern combat robot. A new era of warfare looms

Ukraine's Kraken Regiment will test a modern combat robot. A new era of warfare looms

Agema UGV
Agema UGV
Images source: © Milanion Group
6:57 AM EST, December 13, 2023

We recently reported on the destruction of a Russian-wheeled supply vehicle by a Ukrainian kamikaze drone. Now, one of the most advanced unmanned devices of this kind is set to support Ukraine’s war efforts. The AGEMA UGV was provided to the Kraken Regiment at no charge, with the intention of testing its design in combat. This emphasizes the significance of the Ukrainian front in the evolution of military technology in Europe. Often, this conflict is cited as a significant testing ground for tools of modern warfare.

The Agema UGV

Ukraine Armor, in partnership with Milanion Group - the developers of this device, anticipates feedback from the military on the unmanned vehicle's performance in battle. This information will be beneficial in optimizing the vehicle's performance. Specifically, the car is engineered to minimize risk for soldiers performing tasks, such as transporting ammunition or drones and evacuating the wounded from the battlefield.

The AGEMA weighs 1,327 pounds (602 kg) and operates with an internal combustion engine. It moves on four pairs of wheels and has amphibious capabilities. The Ukrainian soldiers have received an unarmed version, but there is an option to mount various weapons on it. The version currently being tested can provide logistical support, conduct reconnaissance, launch drones from its deck, evacuate wounded soldiers, combat enemy drones, and provide communications. The platform can transport up to 1,371 pounds (622 kg) of cargo on land and 728 pounds (330 kg) when in amphibious mode. Notably, it can also tow cargo weighing up to 1,199 pounds (544 kg). Its speed on land is 18 miles per hour (29 km/h), and in water, it's 3 miles per hour (5 km/h).

AGEMA can be remote-controlled, programmed for autonomous tasks, and can either follow a group of soldiers or lead them. Unmanned systems are frequently used on the Ukrainian front, and AGEMA has the potential to become a key tool of this type for the Ukrainian army.

About Ukraine Armor and Milanion

Milanion Group created the vehicle from the United Arab Emirates. In 2021, Ukraine Armor signed an agreement with Milanion to produce AGEMA UGVs in Ukraine. However, these plans were disrupted by the war instigated by the Russian Federation. The testing conducted by the Ukrainian Armor on the front could be a step towards resurrecting this concept. If things go well, Ukraine Armor aspires to receive a large army order and commence its fulfillment.

The vehicle passed on to the Kraken Regiment
The vehicle passed on to the Kraken Regiment© Ukraine Armor
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