NewsUkraine's final lifeline? U.S. $61 billion aid stirs debate

Ukraine's final lifeline? U.S. $61 billion aid stirs debate

A breakthrough regarding Ukraine? "This frustrates Putin's calculations"
A breakthrough regarding Ukraine? "This frustrates Putin's calculations"
7:21 AM EDT, April 23, 2024

German commentators have expressed that timely aid from the United States will bolster Ukraine's position. There is also a call for Europe to keep its promises. The "Badische Zeitung" editorial suggests, "The $61 billion potentially marks the last significant U.S. aid package for Ukraine," signaling a critical juncture.

In an editorial, "Badische Zeitung" observes: "America has delivered once again, albeit at the last moment, but this has impacted its perceived reliability. The duration a radical faction could obstruct aid to allies is alarming. The $61 billion might be the final considerable aid package for Ukraine from the U.S. With the U.S. election season approaching, the isolationist rhetoric amongst Donald Trump's Republicans is expected to grow louder."

"Augsburger Allgemeine" highlights the significance of swiftly delivering military equipment, given the increasing advantage of the aggressor. Beyond the immediate military impact, this aid sends a strong political message: The United States continues to support Ukraine during this pivotal election year. This undermines Vladimir Putin's hope for Western fatigue and a peace dictated by Russia. It also amplifies the call for NATO partners in Western Europe to fulfill their promises with tangible measures. With this new pledge of aid from Washington, Ukraine's position is notably bolstered politically, morally, and militarily.

A significant affirmation for Kyiv from the German media

"Volksstimme" from Magdeburg reports: "The ongoing speculation regarding American support for Ukraine may finally be put to rest, pending Senate approval. This assertion is vital to the nation besieged by Putin: you are not alone. However, this assistance needs to be dispatched without delay. With the Kremlin threatening further assaults and no hesitation in its ambitions to annex more of Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Minister now boldly claims Ukraine as part of the 'Russian world.' This decision for financial support from Washington momentarily eases the burden on European allies, including Germany. Nonetheless, this should not signal a moment for retreat or to avoid domestic political backlash. The primary goal remains: to end Russian aggression swiftly and on terms that do not favor Putin."

"Rhein-Zeitung" returns to the topic of European and particularly German responsibility as a leading supporter of Ukraine. Despite the new pledge of U.S. funds, there is an ongoing necessity for European solidarity with Ukraine, including further arms, assistance for the damaged energy infrastructure, and economic support. Many citizens in Germany and across Europe have yet to grasp this conflict's potential long-term implications fully."

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