NewsUkraine's fight for survival. Zelensky draws a line in the sand with Russia, secures crucial German aid

Ukraine's fight for survival. Zelensky draws a line in the sand with Russia, secures crucial German aid

Volodymyr Zelensky
Volodymyr Zelensky
Images source: © Getty Images | Anadolu
9:28 AM EST, January 6, 2024

"The main priority of the Ukraine government is to equip the nation with everything necessary for its protection. This includes our actions, ammunition, drones, equipment, and personnel. Surviving this year is synonymous with surviving the entire war. The essence of time is crucial in many ways. My gratitude goes to everyone who understands this, those who help our country gain strength and aid our soldiers in tackling the enemy," stated Zelensky.

The Ukrainian president disclosed that he had a phone call with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey, on Friday. During the call, he stressed that Ukrainian-Turkish cooperation is mainly dependent on regional security, the security of the Black Sea, and international food security.

Another package of military aid received

Zelensky revealed that Ukraine had received another aid package from Germany, targeted toward military support.

"Contained within the aid are missiles for air defense, 155 mm caliber artillery, and other essentials. We hope our partners, especially the United States, will take similar steps. This is so that, like the previous winter, we won't fall victim to Russian terror," said the president.

He underlined that the most intense bouts with Russian forces are currently occurring around Avdiivka, in the vicinity of Marinka, Bakhmut, Lyman, and Kupiansk in eastern Ukraine.

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