TechUkraine's Extended Reach: Strikes Deep Inside Russia Intensify

Ukraine's Extended Reach: Strikes Deep Inside Russia Intensify

ATACMS system, illustrative picture
ATACMS system, illustrative picture
Images source: © Wikimedia Commons | Public Domain
9:22 AM EDT, March 17, 2024

Col. Tarmo Kundla, the operational chief of the Estonian Defence Forces Command, recently discussed the escalating attacks on targets within Russia. He highlighted that the Ukrainian forces possess weaponry enabling them to strike at locations deep inside Russian territory. It's important to remember the extended range of operations these weapons afford them.

Speaking to PAP, the Estonian military officer emphasized, "Ukrainian attacks on Russia's critical infrastructure have ramped up amid the ongoing presidential elections in that country." He believes that "Ukraine now has the capacity to target sites as far as the Volga River in Russia."

Ukraine intensifies attacks in Russia

Last year already showcased the growing capabilities of Ukrainian forces. The surge of drone attacks on Moscow revealed that even locations hundreds of miles away from the Ukrainian border could be at risk. These drones present a significant challenge for Russia in terms of protecting its own territory.

It was previously disclosed that Ukraine has at least two drone models capable of long-range operations - Rubak and Bobr.

Both drones can carry payloads of about 22 lbs, but they differ significantly in both appearance and, more importantly, in their range and flight duration. The Rubak model has a maximum range of around 311 miles, while the Bobr model boasts double that capability. However, both utilize inertial navigation (INS) and satellite navigation (GPS), with the former lacking in accuracy and the latter susceptible to electronic jamming.

Ukrainian drone reaches beyond 621 miles

In August of the previous year, journalist Norbert Garbarek from Wirtualna Polska reported on Ukrainian plans to develop an unmanned aerial vehicle capable of reaching distances up to 621 miles and precisely striking a target.

Subsequent to that report, details became sparse until earlier this year when Ukrainian drones targeted an oil depot in St. Petersburg. Oleksandr Kamysyn, the Ukrainian Minister of Strategic Industries, disclosed that drones capable of covering approximately 776 miles were employed in the attack. The specific drone model used was not mentioned.

Col. Tarmo Kundla asserted that Ukraine evidently possesses the means to "effectively hit strategic targets deep within Russian territory." He also noted Kyiv's continuous efforts to secure long-range weaponry from Western allies.

This pursuit includes acquiring ATACMS missiles, capable of reaching up to 186 miles. These missiles are considered vital for conducting strikes on occupied Crimea. To date, Ukraine has been supplied with an older version of these missiles, which have a range of 102 miles.

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