NewsUkraine's Easter Surprise: Drone-Delivered Explosives to Putin's Forces

Ukraine's Easter Surprise: Drone-Delivered Explosives to Putin's Forces

Ukrainians sent Russians a package for the holidays. The video hit the net.
Ukrainians sent Russians a package for the holidays. The video hit the net.
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5:38 PM EDT, May 6, 2024

Christians of the Eastern rite began their three-day Easter celebrations at midnight between Saturday and Sunday. On this occasion, soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine prepared a special holiday package for Vladimir Putin's army, delivered using a drone and including an unexpected explosive surprise.

This year's Easter (Pascha) for followers of the Eastern Churches, including the Orthodox and Greek Catholics, is observed on May 5, well over a month later than the Catholic Easter. While Ukrainians and Russians celebrated last weekend, the conflict at the front lines continued unabated.

Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, shared a video on social media showcasing Ukrainian soldiers dispatching a unique holiday package to their adversaries.

The Ukrainian defenders are known to send holiday packages containing Easter cakes to their comrades in arms in Krynky—a part of the Kherson region under Russian occupation—utilizing drones. But this package came with a twist: it also contained an explosive device.

Krynky has emerged as a significant conflict zone since the late summer and early fall of 2023. The village, found on the left bank of the Dnipro, was captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They have maintained control over this strategic position for months, engaging in intense combat with Russian forces. This area could potentially be a pivotal point in the offensive aimed at Crimea, a fact well understood by the occupying forces.

"Jesus Christ is risen. Now we'll send this Easter cake to our boys on the left bank in Krynky. Let them also feel the joy of this holiday. We'll deliver it via FPV drones, as usual," - state the soldiers from Ukraine.

Drones are playing an increasingly crucial role on the modern battlefield. Ukraine has realized its potential, deploying many unmanned aerial vehicles and developing new models like the Mamut drone for precise strikes. Testing of these new machines is an ongoing effort.

The Ukrainian military collaborates with private companies experienced in drone design. In the past few months, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has tested six new drone models.

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