NewsUkraine's Air Defense in Action: 18 Drones and 8 Missiles Downed

Ukraine's Air Defense in Action: 18 Drones and 8 Missiles Downed

Używane przez Rosję drony Shahed 136
Używane przez Rosję drony Shahed 136
Images source: © ANA
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8:56 AM EST, December 11, 2023

During the night between Sunday and Monday, the Ukrainian Army's Air Forces successfully intercepted and downed 18 Shahed drones launched by Russia from occupied Crimea. Confirmation has also been received regarding the successful takedown of eight ballistic missiles traversing Ukrainian airspace.

"During the night between Sunday and Monday, invaders launched an attack on Ukraine using Shahed-type unmanned aerial vehicles. These drones were launched from the currently-occupied territory of Crimea, more specifically from Chauda, Belbek," according to a statement issued by the Air Forces in the early hours of Monday.

Overall, the Ukrainian Army detected 18 of these drones, specifically of the Shahed 136/131 model type.

Based on the given information, all unmanned aircraft were eliminated in Ukraine's southern region. The majority were intercepted and brought down over the Mykolaiv Oblast.

Eight Missiles Targeting Kyiv Successfully Intercepted

The Air Forces further substantiated earlier communication regarding the interception of eight ballistic missiles intended for the Ukrainian capital. The assault took place at around 4 am on Monday, which corresponds to 3 am in Poland and 10 pm Eastern Time on Sunday.

Preliminary investigative findings suggest the missiles were launched from Russia's Bryansk Oblast.

Explosions in Kyiv: Series of Detonations Audible in Capital

Based on information provided by Ukrainian services, a series of detonations were audible in the capital, early on Monday morning.

Kyiv authorities have disclosed that missile fragments fell onto the city following the shooting down of enemy targets, causing damage to an under-construction building. Two individuals sustained injuries. The alarm was raised minutes after the explosions took place.

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