TechUkraine Supercharges Neptun Missile Range, Aims for Tenfold Production Boost

Ukraine Supercharges Neptun Missile Range, Aims for Tenfold Production Boost

Neptune anti-ship missile
Neptune anti-ship missile
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11:11 AM EDT, April 17, 2024

The Ukrainian armed forces have announced an upgrade for the missile that was used to sink the cruiser Moskva in 2022. The missile, known as the R-360 Neptun, will now have a range of up to 621 miles in its updated version, significantly increasing from its previous range of 249 miles.

According to updates shared by the Ukraine Battle Map profile on the X platform, Ukraine is working to extend the reach of its R-360 Neptun missiles and aims to boost their production by tenfold. This enhancement will enable the country's defenders to strike virtually any target within the Black Sea region. With the missile's extended range, all Russian ports in the area will be vulnerable to attacks from the improved Neptun.

Although initially developed as an anti-ship missile, modifications have also enabled the Neptun to be used against land targets. Consequently, according to reports, once the enhanced missile goes into serial production, 59 out of the 99 Russian air bases will be within its reach.

Details of the missile used to sink Moskva

The R-360 Neptun, part of the coastal missile system RK-360MC, was created to bolster Ukraine's defense capabilities against threats from the Black Sea Fleet. The Neptun, a recent addition to the anti-ship missile category with testing conducted in 2018, saw its first systems delivered to the Ukrainian armed forces by 2020.

This missile, which is over 16 feet in length and nearly 1.6 feet in diameter, weighs 1918 pounds and is equipped with a 331-pound warhead. This warhead features an active radar that can identify targets from as far as 31 miles away. Furthermore, the R-360 Neptun is designed to withstand radio interference, utilizing both satellite and inertial navigation systems for guidance.

An added feature, the radar altimeter, ensures the missile can maintain a flight height of 10 to 33 feet and remain undetectable by enemy radars. Presently, the Neptun can cover a distance of approximately 186-249 miles and reaches a top speed of 559 miles per hour.

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