NewsUkraine Strikes Black Sea Fleet, Destroying Russian Ships and Communication Hub

Ukraine Strikes Black Sea Fleet, Destroying Russian Ships and Communication Hub

Ukrainians attacked selected targets of the Black Sea Fleet.
Ukrainians attacked selected targets of the Black Sea Fleet.
Images source: © Telegram
12:48 AM EDT, March 25, 2024

Satellite photos released online reveal the aftermath of an overnight missile strike on select Black Sea Fleet targets. The Ukrainian operation successfully obliterated two Russian landing ships and a fleet communication center.

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Anton Herashchenko, advisor to the Ministry of Internal Affairs' head, reported that the communication center was targeted by at least three Storm Shadow missiles. He noted that the site encompasses the FSB headquarters among other facilities.

Satellite imagery shared by Planet Labs illustrates the damage inflicted on one of the buildings within the Russian fleet's compound. The visible destruction includes a collapsed roof, with fire trucks stationed nearby as depicted in the images.

"The pictures reveal that the missile strike caused the building's roof to cave in. Nearby, fire trucks are also distinctly visible," reported service X.

Ukraine's missile strike targets Russian assets in Crimea

Early Sunday, the Ukrainian military targeted two Russian landing ships, the Yamal and Azov, and a communication center in Sevastopol, Crimea—a region under Russian occupation. This was confirmed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine's General Staff.

"The Ukrainian defense forces hit the large landing ships Yamal and Azov, the communication center, and several Black Sea Fleet infrastructure facilities in the temporarily occupied Sevastopol," the staff stated on Telegram.

According to Russian reports, the attack resulted in 34 military fatalities and 40 injuries. Additionally, three Su-27 bombers sustained damage.

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