NewsUkraine stabilizes front line as U.S. lifts weapons ban

Ukraine stabilizes front line as U.S. lifts weapons ban

Ukrainians are facing an invasion in Kharkiv
Ukrainians are facing an invasion in Kharkiv
Images source: © East News | Evgeniy Maloletka

2:44 PM EDT, June 13, 2024

After allies lifted restrictions on the use of weapons by Ukraine, Russian progress in the Kharkiv region is slowing down, and the front line is stabilizing, said U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

In his opinion, the decision to lift the ban on using weapons supplied by allies to Ukraine on Russian territory is yielding the first results.

- What I see is a slowing of the Russians’ advance and a stabilizing of that particular piece of the front. Now, I think we’ll see incremental gains — and we’ll see puts and takes — going forward - the Pentagon chief noted.

- But again, a couple of weeks ago, there was concern that we would see a significant breakthrough on the part of the Russians. I don’t think we’ll see that going forward - he assessed.

At the end of May, U.S. President Joe Biden gave the green light for Ukraine to use weapons to attack targets on Russian territory. However, the attacks are to be limited and not target positions deep within the aggressor's country.

The permission includes only "acts of self-defense" so that Ukraine can protect Kharkiv, its second-largest city, and the surrounding area from missiles, glide bombs, and artillery shells.

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