NewsUkraine rejects Kremlin's claims on Krasnogorsk attack amid tensions

Ukraine rejects Kremlin's claims on Krasnogorsk attack amid tensions

Ukraine responds to accusations. "A planned provocation by Russia"
Ukraine responds to accusations. "A planned provocation by Russia"
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11:22 AM EDT, March 23, 2024

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has firmly rebutted accusations from Russian officials that Ukraine was behind the recent attack in Krasnogorsk, near Moscow. "We categorically dismiss these allegations as a deliberate provocation orchestrated by the Kremlin," the statement asserted.

Warning! Numerous reports by Russian and Belarusian state media alleging attacks and aggression by Ukraine, as well as updates on the war, are likely inaccurate. These narratives could be part of an informational campaign waged by the Russian Federation.

"These baseless allegations are seen as a calculated provocation by the Kremlin, intended to stoke anti-Ukrainian sentiment amongst the Russian populace, forge conditions for the increased mobilization of Russian citizens towards engaging in unlawful aggression against our country and tarnish Ukraine's reputation both domestically within Russia and internationally," the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs further clarified.

The Ministry also highlighted the notorious track record of the Russian government in committing violent provocations via its intelligence services. "For the regime under Putin, no boundaries exist. It willingly sacrifices its own citizens for political ends, demonstrating the same disregard for human life as it has in Ukraine, where thousands of innocent civilians have perished due to missile strikes, artillery bombardments, and acts of torture," the ministry's website detailed.

Attack on Crocus City Hall

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs appealed to the global community to decisively refute Russia's unfounded claims concerning Ukraine's supposed involvement in the attack at Krasnogorsk and to amplify support for Ukraine in its stand against Russia's unlawful acts of aggression.

On a Friday evening, a tragic incident unfolded at the Crocus City Hall concert venue, where five assailants killed over 100 people and wounded more than 120, as reported by the Federal Security Service. The appalling attack took place before a scheduled performance by the renowned Russian band Piknik. According to media sources, the venue might have been filled, with close to six thousand attendees, given the near-total sell-out of concert tickets.

Although the Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for this heinous act of terrorism, they have yet to provide any substantiating evidence.

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