NewsUkraine pioneers remote marriages for couples separated by war

Ukraine pioneers remote marriages for couples separated by war

"Fast like in Las Vegas". Ukrainians announce a breakthrough in weddings
"Fast like in Las Vegas". Ukrainians announce a breakthrough in weddings
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3:25 AM EDT, March 31, 2024

The Ukrainian government has advocated for the introduction of a solution that allows marriages to be conducted remotely. To validate the marriage, the couple will not need to be in the same place. It will be enough if they connect remotely through a video call using a special app.

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This innovative solution's introduction was announced by Ukraine's Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov.

The politician emphasized that the opportunity provided by an app named Diia will be particularly significant for couples who were prevented from marrying in the traditional manner due to separation caused by the war.

"Marriage via video connection in the Diia app - the government supported the relevant decision. Ukrainians will be able to get married directly through the app," Fedorov wrote on social media.

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Breakthrough in Ukraine: Kyiv introduces a new solution for newlyweds

For the marriage to be valid, a civil status official will have to join the newlyweds virtually. Documents will be authenticated with an electronic signature in the Diia app. Fedorov assured that the entire procedure is safe, thanks to multi-stage verification.

"This will be a breakthrough in public services, unlike anything else in the world. Fast like in Las Vegas, convenient and easy, like everything else in the Diia app," Fedorov summarized.

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