NewsUkraine passes law to allow prisoners to join military efforts

Ukraine passes law to allow prisoners to join military efforts

Ukrainian soldiers on maneuvers
Ukrainian soldiers on maneuvers
Images source: © East News | Volodymyr Tarasov

3:16 PM EDT, May 8, 2024

As reported by Meduza service, the Supreme Council of Ukraine has passed a bill allowing certain categories of prisoners to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A total of 279 deputies voted in favor of the bill.

This law allows prisoners convicted of minor offenses the opportunity to serve in the Ukrainian military. However, individuals who have been convicted of rape or murder, as well as those involved in the production and distribution of drugs, are excluded from this provision.

Ukrainian deputy Yaroslav Zhelezniak indicated that, upon the second reading, the privilege of mobilization from prison was removed for deputies and some top corrupt officials.

According to the law, prisoners may only volunteer for military service during a state of war. However, if they agree to a contract with the army, they will be granted conditional release.

How many prisoner soldiers does Ukraine anticipate enlisting?

The early release of convicts for military service will be subject to a court's decision after consultations with a medical commission, the recruitment command, and the unit they are to join.

In April, Ukraine's Deputy Minister of Justice, Olena Vysotska, informed Suspilne TV that the country has the potential to mobilize up to 26,000 individuals currently serving sentences.

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